Want to get the orders for your business

Automate the order taking process for your business with OHORDER .

You work on the Order Fulfilment, we take care of bringing the orders to you interacting with your customer.

Why OHORDER for My business?

We understand that Small and Medium Business owners like you are having trouble interacting with the customers in getting the order information

Because Customers in the modern World want to place orders on their own comfort, using any device, from any place and at any time.

Are you ready to cope up with this Modern Customer’s need?

Thanks to voice technology and the innovative solution we have built on – You can automate the ordering process for your business, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and ultimately, more sales.

Want to get your business listed in OHORDER system for a Trial?


Using OHOrder is quite simple.

Your customers don’t need to have any tech knowledge to use OHOrder. 

In fact, anyone with an Android phone or iPhone or Google Home device like Nest / Min Speaker can use and place order to your business

Our Voice ordering system will take the order from customer through voice mode or chat mode and our system will print down the order straight into the printer in your Store / Business

That’s not all…

Our system also provides valuable data related to your customers so you can serve them better.

Want to see OHOrder in real time, please watch the video.






Get your Customers to Order through Voice or Chat for a 3 months Trial period – Completely free of cost


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Have you watched the Video?

You own a restaurant, spare parts shop or whatever the business you have, our system will take orders on your behalf while you look after your business improvement.

We are offering a 3 month IRON-CLAD FREE TRIAL PERIOD to see for yourself whether this works for your business or not

We won’t ask for your credit card details nor any other commitment from you to continue after the trial period

On top of that, Our ERP system powered by Dolibarr is free with OHOrder.

And after 3 months, the price for continuing our services is just $25/month.

Click the link below and start enjoying the 3 months trial service.

Also check out for additional discounts we have to offer by filling the form.

Fill The Form

Or mail your details to enquiries@ohorder.com

Or Book an appointment with us to See how OHOrder can help your business.


Ohoo solutions is a purpose driven company with a mission.

Yes, that’s right.

Our core function is to create seamless business solutions for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and empower them through advanced technology.

Our in-house tech experts are fully capable of automating your entire business and removing bottle-necks that hurt your business in the long run.

Our expertise in successful implementation of ERP and CRM software across different industry verticals speaks volumes about our capabilities and we can do the same for you.

Our logic is simple, we analyze your business requirements, consult with you regarding the problems, implement the systems and lastly, training of these systems to your staff.

See its easy, so if you want to take your business to the next level.

Contact us for any business enquiries:

Address         :           1/20 Holme Road, Ferntree Gully 

             VIC – 3156, Australia.


Want to understand our Voice ordering app better?

We have compiled a list of questions for your convenience

Let’s dive in

Q1 What is OHORDER?

Ans: OHORDER is a voice ordering app that helps you in facilitating your clients in placing orders and printing the order into your store / business, thereby increasing efficiency.

Q2 What does my customer needs to do?

Ans: It’s simple, your customers can use Google Assistant app in iPhone or Android phone or they can use the Google Home / Nest speakers to place the order and that’s it.

Q3 Is it a technical stuff to get the system for my business?

Ans: No, it’s not. You don’t need to be a tech geek. Just send us through your items to be listed for sale in OHORDER system. We will take care of listing your store in OHORDER system and you can give the OHORDER details to your customers in 48 hours, for them to order through the voice ordering system.

Q4 Do you offer any guarantees?

Ans: Yes, we offer a 3 month free trial period.

Q5 Do you have any video tutorial or guide about your product?

Ans: Yes, we do. The link to download the user guide is given below